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Rockabilly Buenos Aires Style

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As most of you know, my sister blog Wayward Winos is written by my best friend Paul Cox and his girlfriend Melanie McLean. Currently they are traveling through South America. I’ve been trying to get them to get me a post for the last few months, and here it is. Keep in mind all this week there’s gonna be a new post everyday! Make sure to check out their blog and if all goes right I’ll be joining them in a few weeks for a my hand at a travel post!

Growing up, bringing a camera to a show was almost unheard of. All the jumping, moshing, and dancing would most certainly lead to the demise of any object in your pockets. I can’t count the pairs of glasses I’ve broke or the sets of keys I’ve lost. Now, as a self proclaimed journalist and blogger, these ideas have changed.

So there I was, at The Roxy, in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, a second resort after our, per usual, tardiness. While waiting for an unknown band to take the stage, I noticed many of the girls in the room were adorning a haircut in the image of Betty Page, but I payed no mind. Suddenly, the curtains were pulled open to reveal three people: one standing behind a drum set, one behind a guitar, and another behind a stand-up base… We had stumbled unknowingly into a Rockabilly show– and I hadn’t a camera!

This surely would be cause for execution at the hands of the Rocker Tycoon, Zac Clark, so I chugged what was left of my beer and sprinted the eight blocks back to our apartment to retrieve the device, then sprinted the eight blocks back to the show.

When I returned, Melanie had a fresh brew waiting for me and Los Primitivos were in the middle of a cover of “Ball & Chain” by Social Distortion. Although, it was a rocking version, I was a little worried that we were in the midst of a cover show. They soon broke out into lyrics I didn’t really understand and I was reassured that I was at my first South American Rockabilly show.

Phonzy behind the stand-up bass, aptly named the Slap Rod, carried the band in stage presence; bouncing about and using his bass like his dance partner. The other two members, Uru. Cat on guitar and Animal Lee on drums, followed closely behind, wailing out and having a jolly good time.

Since I speak Spanish just as well as I speak Klingon, I didn’t get many of the lyrics, but the sound was enough to make you want to dance. Songs like “Whiskey en el Tren” and “Primitivo” showed the true colors of good Rockabilly.

For a band that has been rocking out since 1988, Los Primitivos definitely can still put on a great show.

Check out clips from the concert and our relaxed interview with the band outside of The Roxy, Buenos Aires.

Paul is a traveler, budding writer and beer connoisseur. He’s recently been featured on the short fiction blog Melanie finds herself behind a camera of some sort most of the time. See more of her work at

Together, Melanie and Paul are The Wayward Winos. The pair has been waywardly wondering around South America, documenting their adventures. They seek unique aspects of frequent travel destinations as well as the hidden gems, share their impressions and pass along travel tips for the low-budget traveler. Join the wayward travels at

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May 18, 2009 at 3:46 pm

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  1. Kick ass guys!

    Zachary Clark

    May 19, 2009 at 3:41 am

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