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Stephie Coplan & Deivito at Lucky 7 Tavern

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Again, for the first time ever, Stephie Coplan and Deivito came together for a Marvel Team-Up of epic proportions at Lucky 7 Tavern.  They were slated to play another show I booked recently but got snowed out.  As fate would have it, they rallied and played at Lucky 7 on Tuesday the 22nd. 

There’s a lot to be said for old friends.  Deivis Garcia, alias Deivito is about the oldest friend Rocker Tycoon has.  A huge local music supporter both on and off the stage, no one hustles like Deivito.  He played his Black Spaniard set.  His brand of Indie-spanglish Country rock is singular.  Imagine the Dead Milkmen’s sense of humor combined with the storytelling of the Decemberists but in Spanish and Willis Nelson sings lead.  And he’s just one dude!

Jersey City newbie Stephie Coplan jumped in for Deivis’ final song.  This was sort of a great moment for me.  They both only corresponded online.  Deivis or Stephie (I can’t recall which one) mentioned they should play a song together.  this whole thing was orchestrated via FaceBook messages.  I can’t say I was nervous… hell it wasn’t my ass on the line, and lord knows I’ve smiled through plenty of my own crashing and burning with the comedy stuff I did.  I was excited to see it go down though… ok Fuck it, I was nervous.  i don’t know why, because it sounded pretty great.  You could actually see and hear them get more comfortable playing as the song progressed.   That was pretty special.

Stephie then took over.  She started with Right All Along which I scoped out on Youtube months prior.  When she announced the title of the song another person in the bar recognized it too!  She commented that she was thrilled people actually knew her stuff.  That’s kind of great, word is getting around, hell that is why I do this.  Stephie rocks the piano, not sure I mentioned that.  Her sarcasm and wit come through every song and even inbetween songs as well.  Charlie Sheen would say she’s an F-18, even during breaks.  Sadly he was not available for comment.  Anyhow, I could spend a minute comparing her to piano rockers of various genres but I think I’ll hold my tongue (fingers) on that.  Why?  Well let’s just say her final song (which I have a version of below that was not shot at Lucky 7) has a not so hidden message about all the comparisons she gotten in the past.  It fully explains everything.

So it was a pretty excellent night.  Old friends meeting new friends, drinks and laughs were shared.  Deivis fixed a keyboard stand, I drowned myslf in cheap bourbon and Stephie made it home to go to work in the morning.  All said I think it was a pretty solid night.

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Written by rockertycoon

March 4, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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