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They Live, Theodore Grimm, Crazy & the Brains and Nikki Sue at Lamp Post

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After last night (June 2) at the Lamp Post I can now say with impunity that the 
Jersey City rock scene is undergoing a renaissance. Just a couple of 
years ago it was a struggle to find a spot to see live bands in town. 
This week I was able to make it out to three shows and I even missed a 
show do to work. Last night's show was the cream of the crop, with Nikki 
Sue & the Bad News, Crazy & the Brains, They Live, and Theodore Grimm. 
The place was packed for most of the night.

Nikki Sue & the Bad News lead off the night. A Country rock quartet from 
the heights, They combine the the vocal styling of some of the 1950's 
great country female singers with a tangy guitar and steady bass & 
drums. Tonight Nikki Sue said goodbye to one member of the Bad News and 
hello to a new member. Bassist Mike Petzinger is tagging out and New 
Drummer, Jonathan Buscema is tagging in. Nikki Sue (vox/guitar) and Ben 
Hutcheon (Guitar) remain in the ring.

Batting second, Christopher Urban (vocals/guitar), Jeffery Rubin 
(xylophone/glokenspeil/vocals), Brett Miller (bass/background vocals), 
Lawrence Miller (drums) of Crazy & the Brains. All the classic rock 
elements are here. Lead singer with ship captain's hat, guitar, drums 
and just to throw you for a loop Xylophone! I have to say that rock 
Jeffrey on xylophone is kind of wild. This cat holds four sticks and 
plays two boards! That all that while he sings back up. C&tB is nothing 
if not super fun! These fellas don't take themselves too seriously. That 
makes for some really hilarious songs and great lyrics to boot.

They Live on the other hand is about as serious as it gets. Remember 
that movie… the one with Rowdy Ronnie Piper, where he puts on a pair of 
wayfarers and sees aliens. Pat (vox), Tommy (bass), Sean (guitar), Jon 
(drums), and Mikey (organ) and a hurricane of punk rock. These guys are 
so serious about this movie they devoted a band around the concept. I 
mean don't get me wrong it's about as campy as you could get but the 
"tents" in this camp are so huge it's like going to the circus. Speaking 
of circus this was their last show for a while as their bassist Tom will 
be making the circus circuit (say that three times fast) to be a sword 
swallower. I can't make this stuff up.

Cleaning up, Theodore Grimm. TG is David (vox), Mark (guitar) Chucky 
(drums) and JJ (bass). Theodore Grimm is driven by there rhythm section, 
solid back beat and bass combined with melodic vocals and conquering 
guitar bring a unique and very professional sound to the North Jersey 
Scene. David's attitude on the mic really pops the music. Seeing them 
live is a must these fellas bring a really amazing energy on stage.

After the show I walked down to Brunswick street and did some Press 
shots with They Live. With my duties over for the night, I made for the 
train. Sufficiently rocked out with good friends, whiskey sated and ears 
ringings life doesn't get much better.

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June 17, 2011 at 11:43 am

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