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Brick City Bios: Black Water

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Adam Copeland, Gerry Griffin, Lloyd Naideck and Gary Laurie Esq make up the plausibly undeniable rock outfit known only as Black Water.  Their covert mission:  to rock you into action.  Black Water’s decidedly political revolution rock is rooted in some strange but ultimately well paired bed fellows.  Part funk, part jam, part indie part punk and altogether none of those things, Copeland’s Homeric lyrics, and signature guitar style combined with Laurie’s lead, Naideck’s striped down drum style and Griffin’s bouncing bass are a mix of so many genres that they have found a niche all their own.  Download their album on Bandcamp.  If you have a bone to pick with authority, you’ve found a friend in Black Water.

Written by rockertycoon

August 17, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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