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Brick City Bios: Wyldlife

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“Dangerous” Dave Feldman, Spencer Alexander, Samm Allen, and Rusty Barrnett, are the fearsome foursome known as Wyldlife. Proto-punk glam rockers with a homebase in Mayhem… err Jersey City. These cats are making serious moves in the indie scene these last few months. It’s the classic quad combo of vocals, guitar, bass and drums. With everyone based solidly in their roles, Dave’s whole body is free to be more than just a front man. With an emphasis on crowd participation and a foundation in late 70’s punk Spencer, Samm, Rusty and Dave are generally cald in just sneakers and jeans by the time the shows over. Check out their EP on Bandcamp… if you can’t dance and sing along to these fellas, then you are probably mute and paraplegic!

Written by rockertycoon

August 17, 2011 at 12:49 pm

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