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Morgantown Halloween Extravaganza

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Rogue Fox Productions is the one shot name of my Roommates (Jason Lowrie and Freya Fox) and I. Jason is in Greylist a Bushwick band picking up steam in the undergorund scene out here. Pro Star Audio is helping us with Equipment for the show. They’re backing local boys, The Veinnagram, a raucous bunch of stage men with a theatrical flair and a penchant for boisterous live shows. These cats are the Full Monty meets John Wayne Gacy. And finally we have CHAPPO, who are gaining a butt ton of local and national fame for their song come home that was in the commercial for the Ipod touch. Dance rock with hauntingly sweet vocals.  On top of that we will have a dead playboy bunny auction and a burlesque exhibition with yours truly rocking the EMCEE portion of the show with Freya. It’s all going down at The Morgan, a newcomer to the Bushwick bar scene, with a lot of potential for the local scene.  Easily one of the largest spaces in the area for live events, the place is staffed by some local musicians and I live right by it.  Show starts at 7 and goes til question mark and the Mysterians! Check it out on Facebook!

Written by rockertycoon

October 26, 2011 at 1:38 pm

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