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Disc Deconstruction: Creosote Acoustic Lacquer EP by Black Water

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I’ve been slackin’ lately.  I admit it.  I need to kickstart my self some times.  Get the rusty joints oiled out.  And just write as much as I can in a short burst.  It just so happens that today my buds Black Water released an EP.  It’s the practice session from an acoustic show they did.  Let’s break it down into chewable morsels. Download it here and listen along


First thing, I notice that we have two of my favorite Black Water songs as acoustic versions!  Exciting! Then I spy the artwork.  I can’t tell without breaking my neck if its a tornado or a forest fire.  But it’s a classic look thats been a sort of tradition since Copeland and Griffin’s days in the Meltdowns.  I should also mention that Low-ridin’ Lloyd Naideck is absent on this EP.  I think he was touring the globe on some political campaign, don’t quote me on that.  Anyhow, this endeavor is strictly Adam Copeland, Gary Laurie and Gerry Griffin.


1. (Keep on) Moving.

The album starts with a little jammy intro, 40 seconds in Copeland cuts in the guitars bouncing along with him.  I’m gonna go out on a limb a guess that this song is about working till you’re dead.  “When the sun goes down, you will find, that there’s more ahead.”


2. Rose, My Old Ways

A confessional, or a devotional.  I’m not sure what the term is exactly.  A Promise?  Yea its a promise.  Apparently, Rose has had it up to here with the narrators drinking and fighting and being all “Jersey”.  So he’s promising to not go back to his old ways.  (Point of Topic: I once saw Adam Copeland get into a a verbal altercation with a man whose dog had bitten two other people.  The man called those people “hipsters”.  I want to state for the record that Gary Laurie is no hipster.  Also for the record, I ran off like a girl.  I’m down to my last pair of specs.)


3.  Arizona (Dharma Version)

Already a very fun song, Laurie’s lead guitar steals the show here.  The lyrics are changed from God to Buddha for a cheap laugh (I like a cheap laugh).  Griffin’s work on the low end comes through well here.  And did someone just quack in the background?  Atotally fun version of a song I’ve come to love.


4. 7 Years (Western Omelette version)

A sweet lazy version of the crescendo song that ends Disasters. The song already has a sort of sad western feel to it.  The country twist goes really well here, its cool to see the band experimenting with different sounds.



Let me start by saying it’s fun and I think that was the idea.  It’s free.  So as far as value is concerned, they have your value covered.  You won’t find the signature outbursts that have Copeland and Griffin pleading with the mic but hey you can’t shout in a coffee house, thats rude.  From what I understand Black Water is going to be recording a new LP in the near future you can still get their Disasters  LP for the low price of Free on Bandcamp.  Take this minute in time to download this and that.  Then when you come to the Tiny Giant showcasetomorrow at Lamp Post tomorrow you can sing a long with me and everyone else.

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November 11, 2011 at 5:45 pm

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