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Disc Deconstruction: IMPOSTER – Cicada Radio

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I have to assume that with Killing Horse Records recently picking up Cicada Radio and a new Release (possibly even a full length) is likely in the works if not at least on the mental horizon.  I’m interested to see what comes of it.  That said their IMPOSTER EP is long long over due for a deconstruction.  I described this album as Hardcore with Heart.  I’m gonna back up that statement now.  Contrary to the darker tones of this EP the Fellas from CR are actually pretty happy dudes, and from pictures I shot from Friday Night at Brick City Sound Riot They are Wrestling fans.  Chris D’Ambrosio seems to be the real ham off stage.  While Pat and Mike Keefe take center stage and Michael Kundrath lays down a heavy supporting role and breaks indie chick hearts with one flip of his luxurious hair do (Yea, maybe I’m a little jealous).  Since it’s an EP I’ll take the time to break down my thoughts on each song.  Download it over at and listen along.

1. Open Wide

This is my favorite song on the album.  If you listen closely you can hear what sounds like a woodwind instrument of some kind.  Thats actually backing vocals with a soft “oooooohhh”.  The pace is great for an opener and this song is the most approachable of their catalog.  Meaning you can dance to this.  I can actually still see them performing this live at 4th Street fest, complete with the backing “ooooohs”

2. Storm the Castle

This track can also be found on the Tiny Giant Comp Vol 1 + 2.  Drums lead and rhythm guitar come in to create a somber vibe.  By the chorus there’s a technical pick-up and you’ll see how they’ve created something really cool here.  While keeping to a steady and slow tempo there’s a drop off that proves how much is going on with a void of silence.  You can hear the metal influences and the alternative style inherent in Cicada Radio’s style.  The Breakdown at the end is especially great, with backing vocals coming in and recanting the moans a previous 20 seconds.

3. Throw it Away

Another one you can dance to!  It’s also the hardest.  We have some metal screams and vocals really strain out on this.  Wait there are those “Ooooooohs” again!  You have a really great organized chaos, with that signature void, followed by a manic entry to the breakdown.  Drums end the song with a flourish and a final strum on guitar.

4. Sleeper Hold

What a great way to end the album!  It starts with this raining sound and leads in with acoustic guitar.  This is a heavy song, lyrically speaking.  It’s on my “late night coming back from Jersey City at 4am to head home to Brooklyn” mix on my ipod.  It’s a perfect cooldown to the album.  “All I wanna do is hold you. Just not now, couldn’t anyhow.”  Fuck there’s a lot of feeling there.

Solid music all the way through with a nice range.  Two slower tunes and two more upbeat.  Cicada Radio is another Tiny Giant band.  A collective of local bands quickly encompassing North Jersey, BK and surrounding areas.   Expect more from TG as the months roll forward and While you’re at it and since you dig free music, pick up the compilations too.  In conclusion I have to say I haven’t hung out with these guys enough.  All four are total characters and I’m looking forward to their show on Dec 3 at Lamp Post with Holy City Zoo and Meet/Pause.

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November 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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