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Marvin Berry & The New Sound, Nude Beach and Fire Bison at Lone Wolf

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Friday Night, Billy Gray hits me up. He’s wondering if I’m going to see Marvin Berry tonight at Lone Wolf. I’d nearly forgotten, but It’s Friday I ain’t got shit to do. I say, “Let’s do it!” I hit the scene, order myself a Jack and Coke and catch Fire Bison. A girl fronted three piece from Virginia. You can’t beat that with a canoe oar. Two beautiful girls trading off vocals, playing guitar and bass and in the center sits this bearded madman on the drums. He damn near stole the show with his outrageous over the top style and facial expressions. Somebody get this cat a mic! He looks like he knows the words too!

Billy saunters in. We agree. Awesome band, great sound… “Amazing legs!” I add like a creep. Billy shakes his head and facepalms. “What man, I’m just callin’ em like I see ’em.”

Next up Nude Beach hits the stage. Surf rock with a sneer! I dig it. We get involved in the crowd but still we haven’t had enough to start rabble rousing just yet. Back to the bar. We talk about whats been going on since Ben Franklin, he hints at something on the horizon (I’m sure that makes a lot of you happy). And we talk about work and stuff like that. It’s hard to remember exactly because after a little bit Marvin Berry and the New Sound hits the stage.

Punk pop dynamos! These cats are a barrel of monkeys greased up and ready to party! Marvin Berry & The New Sound is Joe Porter (vocals) Danny Zaj(Bass/Vocals) Chuck Van Dyck (Guitar/Rad Haircut) Nick Andreoli (drums/Wild insane looks) and Jon Davies (Guitar/Vocals). Here I am with my two favorite redheads (Joe and Billy), rocking out to Space Age and Howling at the Highway, and the crowd is into it as well. We’re all bouncing around like fools and for a minute all the bullshit I deal with kinda fades into the back. Everyone’s smiling and it’s 20 mins of pure rock out sing a long good time fun. Then it’s over, short sweet and powerful.

We head home and laugh. Something about a great show, just makes everything else easier to deal with knowing there’s plenty more just around the bend.

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November 17, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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