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I Am The Heat at Trash Bar

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“You’re Cut see ya tomorrow.”. My Co-worker tells me unceremoniously.

“What?! It’s 11… I’m out at 12.”

“Yup it’s dead, you can go home.”

“Home…” I begin cackling like a maniac. “yea right it’s 11 pm on Saturday Night… Home.”

Twenty mins later I’m at Trash Bar. I was gonna cab it but hell I’m early I figure I’ll save a buck and walk a little.  It’s pretty great out.  I hope this null winter happens every year.  I get in the door, my glasses fog up, I think I see someone I recognize.  It’s Jameson Edwards, guitarist/lead singer for I Am The Heat.  No one was sure if I’d make so the look on the guy’s face is pure gold.  High Fives ensue.  Mike Horaz, Drummer for I Am The Heat (alias Mike Hotel drummer for my band, WarFace)  is surrounded as usual by a throng of women.  I fight my way through his cadre of admirers and we shoot the shit. “Where’s Billy?” I ask.

Mike points to the bar before being engulfed in a sea of ladies.

“Yo, Dewd!” I say in my excited voice.

Billy laughs as he sees me, he was pretty sure I was stuck at work too. It’s one of those Billy Gray laughs, from the gut.  He’s filling in on Bass for this show.  I order a drink and we bullshit, then a catch eyes with Julius Myren.

He’s hanging back a little.  Turns out he can’t play tonight he cracked a rib  snowboarding (He muttered something about damn machine gun turrets and The Albanians…I’m pretty sure Julius is ex Spetsnaz). Anyhow he’s in the crowd with the plebs tonight.  “I can’t mosh..” He says shamefully and in part to make sure that I don’t tackle him to get a pit going.

The Show starts… Jameson, Mike and Billy are a force on stage.  There’s so much bravado I feel like the stage is might collapse in on itself and form a Black Hole in Williamsburg.  Billys new basslines really add a dimension to IATH’s sound.  “This Song is about when I met Jameson for the First time in Highschool.” Although Mike clearly has no idea what the songs are about.

They ended with Silver Skies.  Julius got on stage Jameson now on full vocal duties.  It was out of control.

After the show I was gonna head to another bar to see some friends, but at the last minute I signed up for karaoke and busted out you better you bet by the who.  Everyone must have been smashed cuz there was a lot of audience participation.

I wrote this while insanely hungover in my bed 12 the next day…  Julius was last seen getting into a car labeled “Free Puppies”. If you have any information leading to his whereabouts dial 1-900-909-jeff and talk to the Fresh Prince himself. (99 cents for the first minute $399 for each additional minute)

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January 29, 2012 at 3:36 pm

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