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Rocker Tycoon Day: Presenting Warface

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(photo by Erika Palmaffy)

Well, I’d be a real bastard if i didn’t say a damn word about my current project.  WarFace is a little punk rock side project for 3/4 fellows from Black Water.  It stars me, Zac Clark Alias Zulu Alpha Charlie as the lead singer.  With Guitar, Bass and Drums by Adam Copeland (Alpha November Charlie [no relation]), Gerry Griffin (Golf Golf Golf) and Lloyd Naideck (Lima November).  Songs about drinking on games shows, about buying stuff, about the movie 3 O’Clock High.  Some guy from japan called us the “Musical Astrotrain”.  Grand Victory said of us, “WarFace opens.”  And that’s about as accurate a statement as one could get.  We are gonna really bust out this June with three pretty Excellent Shows.

JC Friday at Painoland (June 1st)

The JC Bikes Ward Tour (June 3rd)

Steve Fulop Fundraiser at Zep Hall (June 14th)

I don’t have anything to have to listen to just yet, but rest assured we are in the works with a single real soon like.  My other birthday wish is to see you out for a show… and maybe also for Steve Fulop to win next year’s election.  It’ll mean good things for the music scene in Jersey City.

That’s it friends 32 posts in one day.  I’d say it was hard, but really it felt great.  Comment on your favorites and like them on face book down here at this list.


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May 16, 2012 at 8:30 pm

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