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Rocker Tycoon Day: The Unbeatable Cry by Cryptkeeper Five

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One of the first bands that really encouraged me to do this blog.  Looking back it seems so obvious, but I wasn’t sure everyone was gonna want me flashing bulbs and taking video of them.  WOW I was so wrong.  Anyhow they’ve been friends since, and I’m proud to stay I played my very first Show as the lead singer of WarFace with them.  Some memories are just too rad!  So we have the Unbeatable Cry.  Think if Jerry Lee Lewis sang for the Misfits.  This song is so much fun.  If you like songs about Death, about pirates about the Karate Kid… and I know you do.  Then you owe it to your your to check out these maniacs.

Written by rockertycoon

May 16, 2012 at 4:45 pm

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