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Rocker Tycoon Day: Thus Spoke Jeff Daniels by The Golden Age of Radio

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Few things are cooler than the picture above.  I would fuck with that guy.  I think my grandfather once said there’s nothing more dangerous and cunning than a midget with a gun… yea my gramps called them midgets.  Let’s face facts, if you’re over 70 you don’t need to be PC.  Anyhow, we aren’t here to persecute my late granddad.  We’re here to talk about new music.  The song plays like the start of a travel movie in the 80’s.  Like the lost installment of Vacation.  Clark Griswold in Brooklyn, there’s a thought.  Anyhow it’s a nostalgic number with some great female vocals, and a little orchardian action. Listen to it, and pretend you’re first girlfriend isn’t married to some other guy… named Dan in South Jersey… with two kids… and a dog.

Written by rockertycoon

May 16, 2012 at 2:00 pm

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