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No Way, Crushed, Autrach, All Eyes West, I Hate Our Freedom at The Acheron

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Last night I took a bike ride over to Acheron to see my buddy/co-worker’s new band’s first show.  Brian fronts No Way, a post hardcore outfit that rolls like a hardcore outfit… Post post hardcore anyone?  Anyhow, I just bought a new camera and frankly (Mr Shankly) I’ve been slacking in the “go to shows and make new friends and discover new bands” section of this multiple choice quiz called life after 30.  So armed with a D300 a 50mm 1.8 and an okcupid date, I ventured into the belly of the beast to test the new gear, the new band, and a new girl.  A day in the life as it were.  How’d the date go? None of your business, you voyeuristic poppingjay!  Let’s talk about the bands.


Dudes were obviously very excited to be here.  If there was a way to harness the energy their 20 or so set unleashed, well let’s just say that all this nonsense in the Middle East would surely be a thing of the past.  It was thrashy and rough and raw, and gosh dang it, I havent seen a good hardcore show in years.  Plenty of wacky guitar tricks (One dude kept playing over his head [like a boss] during the set).


I have to apologize, and make an effort to see these cats live.  I was doing date stuff while they played.  Shame on me.  I did bullshit with one of the cats from the band after the show though.  He was pretty rad.


Caught the end of their set and took a few shots.  They were pretty intense.  Acheron is a small place.  They sounded like they were geared for a much larger venue.  That said, give these dudes a listen here … EPIC.

All Eyes West

Hailing from Chicago, this three piece delivered the goods and didn’t even worry about having you sign for them.  Listen to that!  That’s just great fucking rock and roll!  I dig the singer’s voice.  I can’t put my finger right on it but there was a band in the 90’s that had a singer like this.  If you can figure it out leave it in the comments.  I had to pick up a T-shirt and a record.  The vinyl is clear and looks like a big fucking eye ball… CAAAAAN YOU DIGIT, SUCKAS?!

I Hate Our Freedom

Like a gutshot from a motorcycle, these guys left one hell of an impression.  I heard a lot of elements of early/mid 90’s hardcore.  Remember AFI’s Very Proud of YA?  Imagine that with better vocals.  Actually imagine that with better everything.  These cats had stage presence.   The drummer was a madman.  It was fast but still catchy enough that I saw a lot of people working their heads with the beat.  In fact the Acheron was pretty well attended for a Monday Night.

So lets check out the pics.

Written by rockertycoon

June 26, 2012 at 2:55 pm