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Aint Nothin but a good time

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Last night, after the picking up of some much needed laundry (Thank you Laundry City and co) and having what I believe to be jersey city’s, and perhaps the universes, best general Tsao’s Chicken (Sen Hai). I ventured out into the breach for a night of wanderlust and rock and roll.
I started out at Lamp Post on 2nd Street. Fellow Bartender and Rock Doctor Ryan Stevens’ band was playing under the moniker PLOWING MUD FOREVER. Enclosed are some shots from the crowd. I got in a few songs and shot a video of one from my phone from these Jersey City Rockers before I realized the time and had to dash for the next bar. I scheduled an interview with PMF and moved on to Lucky 7 Tavern for Glen Coleman. I got a few shots of Glen and talked to some folks about meeting up later. Basically, I laid the ground work for a few future posts went out had a good time, drank a few closed down the bar and went home. Between the drinking the nights music and the snow, it was kind of surreal.

Written by rockertycoon

January 28, 2009 at 1:54 pm