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Honah Lee At the I.M.A.C.

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Last weekend I took the trip to Trenton to see Cryptkeeper Five. While I was there I met up with the fellas from Honah Lee. Due to time and my lack of ability to sleep in seedy train stations, I didn’t get a chance to catch them play. NO WORRIES FRIENDS! This week I caught back up with Honah Lee at I.M.A.C.(Iron Monkey Automata Chino) in Jersey city! That’s not where the Rocker Tycoon’s day began though!

Now, if we want to get technical (for the sake of being technical, I suppose we will) I was barbacking at 12am when friday actually started. The proper start of my day came the next day around 1pm, when the incessant ringing of my phone woke me from my ritual 12 hour friday slumber. Figuring it was my mom, who always assumes that if I don’t pick up the phone each time she calls that I’m in a gutter somewhere, I guiltily searched my pants for the phone. (Note: My mom works in guilt-trips the way other artists work in oils or clay, it’s her true medium. I’m sure yours does as well.) However it turns out that it was my friend Steven. The text said, “The world will scream up and shout save us.” Oh that’s right! I think to myself as my phone goes off, again for Steven, “And I will say NO!” THE WATCHMEN MOVIE IS TODAY! We make plans to go see it at 3:30pm. I shower, shave, charge batteries, clean lenses, Y’know the normal stuff you do at 2pm when you wake up. I head off to the theatre, watch the Watchmen and check the time: 6:30pm. I walk back to downtown Jersey City, hit my place, grabbed my gear and right back out the I.M.A.C.

Seems that I got there a bit early, Which was fine it gave me a chance to check out the place. IMAC opened about three months ago in Jersey City. They are one of the only venues in town that can have shows after 11pm. In a town that is very thirsty for a local music scene, or any music scene for that matter, it has become a beacon of hope for changes soon to come. The stage is slightly raised from the floor. This is ideal in my opinion. You get to be close enough to the band without looking up their nostrils, which is important when you’re taking pictures. It also puts them just high enough to be seen by the folks in the rear. The bar sits next to the stage. During the show I found that they do a combination of bar and cocktail waitress service. Again ideal if you’re rocking out, they bring the drinks to you in a crowded bar. I have to say the bathroom situation was much to be desired though. There was only one and the line was always three deep. ProTip: I used the bathroom next door at Iron Monkey. I don’t know if this was kosher and I frankly couldn’t be bothered to give a damn. They own both buildings, I say its cool to use the john in either one.

Enough about the venue, it was adequate. After a bit of a look around and a few drinks at IM proper. I meet up with Honah Lee, and got this interview before the show. Right after the interview, we all decide its best to go in and have a few drinks before the set. Conversations happened and we really hit it off, talking about comics, music we dig, stuff like that. It was beyond question that theses lads had some serious concept.

First Crooked Looks went on. Crooked Looks is Rick Smith and Colin Schiller. Hard to really categorize this band. Dance Music for punks? or Punk Rock for dancers. I’m not sure but this is a fact. They had a serious energy! Dick’s Vocals and Colin’s backing vocal and drums drove the electronic support music into a real panic. Then they pulled it all together with Well Enough Alone, a song that was reminiscent of Chubby Checker’s Let’s Twist Again. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing twisted merry-go-round they created! I’ll be in touch with them soon for another much closer look.

After Crooked Looks finished up my new friends took the stage. Honah Lee is Tim (vox,guitar) Justin (lead guitar), Jim (bass) and Anthony (drums). They broke out with Sobored….So bored. Tim picked up the crowd with the plea “Take me somewhere…anywhere! Just as long as it’s not here!” Justin punctuated Jim’s Bass. And Anthony kept a solid beat that got me bobbin’ my head. I should note Anthony is definitely the band’s class clown. We discussed his love for West Highland Terriers and by love I mean fanaticism. While certainly not a direct quote he expressed how they were the ultimate breed of dog and that anyone who believed otherwise would suffer the consequences.

I think aside from hangin out and getting to know the band the real break through came just before their set when one of the guy received a phone call that confirmed a sober ride home. After this we all started drinking heavily. this trend continued until at least 3am for me. And I last remember seeing the band out all the way across town. Fellas if you’re reading this……i think i may need to buy another t-shirt……oh no I still have the last one. Some chick definitely made it unwearable! Good times were had by all, good times were had by all!

Written by rockertycoon

March 9, 2009 at 4:19 pm