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At the Khyber kickin it with Astronomy

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Tuesday morning around 7am I received a text message from none other than Pete Hagen of Belmawr New Jersey. It seemed his band was playing later that night and he wanted the Rocker Tycoon to stop by for an interview. For those of you how don’t know Pete Hagen, he can only be described as the patron saint of southern New Jersey metal. I can remember working with him in Legends Comics and Games back in early 2000. Man, the stories this guy would tell you! Like how he and his brother remember buying Metallica’s Black Album the day it came out. He is responsible for turning me onto the Smiths, Morrissey and Joe Jackson not to mention The Warriors movie and Skip-bo!. There are several thousand stories about this man floating somewhere over rt 130. But today’s story involves his new band: Astronomy.
So I get my ass up, get my gear together, inform Pete I’m gonna take the long way down (Goo Goo Dolls pun not intended). I make my way down via the train. Twittering (Rockertycoon) anyone who will listen. I can only guess that people started getting up around 8pm, because that’s when I got the call that esteemed rock colleague and Camera-man Walter Hackett would be showing up as well! So we hit Philadelphia’s Khyber on South Second Street around 9:40 Just as Ganto Barn was finishing up. Astronomy plugged in started rockin’ out, Eric Serota (Guitar) provoked the mood with some monster riffs. Chris Post (Bass) held down the sound some heavy low end. Craig P. (Drums) crash-landed onto the scene with some serious double bass. Pete (Vox)strangled the mic and did not let go until the last song. Of course I was there for more than just moral support! I took a ton of pics and even did a few interviews. For the sake of blog and size I’m just gonna give you a few of the more choice shots and my interview with Astronomy.

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February 19, 2009 at 12:13 am