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Otto’s Shrunken Head for MISFITS night

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Wednesday June 3rd: My old roomates Tim and Fish were playing a Misfit’s set at Otto’s Shrunken Head. I had marked this as a must see event. The last time I saw Slaw play live it was in our old Basement on Hamilton Street in New Brunswick. Back in that time they went by the name Fun Ghouls (which is to me the best name of a Misfits cover band ever)! So I geared up and headed out into the rain to 14th and B in Manhattan. This is my first time at the Shrunken Head. They have a pretty cool little tiki bar vibe. Beers are $5(this is Manhattan after all). As soon as I walked into the bar Tim(bass/vox), Fish (Guitar/vox), Cheeseman (drummer/vox) and LANDPhil(guitar/wacky boxes) greeted me at the door. I hadn’t seen Fish or Cheese for about five years, it was a tear filled reunion of bittersweet memories and …….. HA that’s horseshit we immediately assessed the current situation. There were 5 guys all without beverage. We took the bar by storm, I indulged in a Coney Island Beer. We spent the next few minutes recanting our days on Hamilton Street.

So after a few beers and a walk down memory lane, Ghouls Night Out rolled out the red carpet. Glen-nora Danzig[The Stuck Ups](vox), Aileen [Corita](guitar) Tibbie X [Kissy Kamikaze] (bass) Miss Carrie [Kissy Kamikaze](drums) make up the all girl quartet. They all play in other bands and it looks like they get together for their love of Horror Rock to play out their day dreams (or nightmares) as Ghouls Night Out, a Misfits Cover band. They were well received by the crowd. Everyone was singing along and pushin’ and shovin’ to get near the mic. These femme fatales dressed the part right down to the skull style make-up and the skeleton gloves. Girls who play Misfits covers…. I have to admit I had a crush on all of them. I’m sure Freud would had something to say about me lusting after four girls dressed like guys in a band I like that modeled themselves after the undead (aside from the obviously necrophiliac associations).

Enough about my obsession with code blue. Slaw took the stage. Tim, Fish, Cheeseman, and Landphil played their Slaw originals. Gitty songs that are reminiscent of Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown and Minor Threat’s Salad Days. They grinded through their set and then rolled into some Misfits covers. Hollywood Babylon, Nike A Go-Go, Teenagers from Mars. Then they did something I hadn’t expected. “Zac, get on stage for this one!” Tim yelled. OH CRAP! What did they have in mind? Fish started up the song. “WE ARE 138!” I toned in, “WE ARE 138!” I was on stage signing along. I hadn’t been on stage since they played a show in my basement about 5 years ago. It was too much fun. I have the bug again. After that we went into Gimme Gimme Gimme, by Black Flag. And after that I jumped off stage. They played a few more I recorded and took some pics. There’s a rumour that there might be a video and some pics cycling around somewhere of me with Slaw. But for now you have these two videos and the pics I took.

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June 17, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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