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A Birthday Wish (This one goes out to y’all)

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Time for reflection again. I’m 31. That’s no landmark year. Simple, these in-between years. I could fade into the wall if I liked. I suppose that’s really not true. Thanks to social media everyone knows when you’re birthday is. That’s sort of Orwellian… But I digress. 30 was a good year. It started out amongst new friends and old friends. Over the last year a lot has happened, a lot has changed. I believe firmly in the old adage, “Change or Die.” Stagnation is as good as death. As Zac Clark I must be the dynamic character in this book. So a quick recap of my 30th year would look like this. Party, Break-up, Quit job, New Job, dating, dating, dating with potential, Trip to europe (mid life crisis anyone?) Write a book, get published in a magazine, forbidden relationship, run a bar, lose job, new job, Start up Ghost Train PR, Articles for Rocker Tycoon start coming more frequently, Show, Show, Showdown, moved to BK, achieve anonymity unknown since first year in JC, subway a lot, show, get trapped with friends in elevator, buy new pants, take a nap, turn 31.

In these 31 years. I’ve made some pretty lasting friendships. I’ve made some pretty sinister enemies. I’ve learned a thing or two about how to deal with things. And I’ve avoided death just a couple of times. I think one of the best things anyone’s ever told me came yesterday. “Zac, when you’re dancing around and smiling getting into the music, that makes my day.” I think sometimes we find ourselves wallowing so deep around in our own self pity we forget that other folks take joy in our friendship, and fancy dance moves. I’m not saying I’ve been a sad bastard or anything, I’m just saying something like that puts things into perspective.

I guess I say all that to say this: To everyone that’s wished me happy birthday or shared a memory, to every band that’s shouted me out on stage or made me sing a song I thought I knew all the words to, to every girl that wasted her time while I struggled to understand myself and to every old friend that looked at me on a Monday and said, “Buck up, asshole, the weekends only 4 days away.” Thanks!

So if you happen to be around tonight. You’re in BK, and you’re thinking, I’m feeling kinda nostalgic, Pop by Barcade in Brooklyn. I’ll be out around 7 pm with some friends playing some video games and waxing intellectual about robots and clones.

Zachary Clark, Rocker Tycoon

Written by rockertycoon

May 16, 2011 at 11:59 am

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