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Jerk Video by Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians

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First off… Watch this

Ok, Let’s discuss. HOT?! Goddamned right! And how about this new sound? I’m not gonna lie, I FUCKING LOVE IT. SC&P’s are in no danger of being compared to Ben Folds in this one. There’s a touch or Metric in here, though. Thats not a bad thing. It’s an update sound, for sure. How about the art direction. Make-up is great the DP really must of had a field day with this. Lighting is excellent, the non challant “Jerk” dude plays his part to the T.

Also gents, fellas and those of you in the friend zone, fucking take notes! This is a play by play of all the fucked up shit we do that drives women up the bloody wall. If you follow these steps and follow them well, ex girlfriends will be calling you for a late night tryst instead of asking you to help her move because she just stopped seeing the guy she left you for, and she really can’t afford movers, and she really doesn’t have any other guy friends, because she severs all ties when she enter a relationship… so since all this is sort of your fault for making her break up with you in the first place and date this other guy, the least you could do is help her move and maybe rent a U-haul cuz there’s a lot of books and some of those records she started collecting when you dated. Y’know or something like that.

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November 30, 2011 at 12:56 pm

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